Archaic and Archaistic Sculpture (Athenian Agora vol. 11) by Evelyn B. Harrison

By Evelyn B. Harrison

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W. 052 m. outside either, behind the toes. The strap which Thompson,Hesperia,XXVII, 1958,p. 154,pl. 43,a. crossesthe toes is plasticallyrendered,dividedlongiinto three The narrow tudinally ridges. strap that The mouth is turned up in an archaic smile, the runs from between the big and second toes over the almost but not quite convergingto a single point lips and the is shown as a cross-strap up instep single at each corner. 01 m. deep for the attachment of a metal carved, raised only slightly above the plane of the ornament.

R. S. Young, Hesperia, XX, 1951, pp. 135ff. 20 ARCHAIC SCULPTURE of division betweenthe neck and the hair. The forehead is battered away. The head gives the impressionof being intendedas male, thoughone cannotbe sure. The projectionof the hair above the forehead (accentuated by the breaking away of the surface of the forehead)suggests front curls. The majority of the archaic male statuettes preserved are kouroi,and it seems likely that this head was intendedfor one. A statuette such as Acropolis589 (dated around570 by Langlotz)32offers an analogy on a smallerscale.

Preservesnone of front surfaceexcept in the groove between the legs. Island marble,white with grayish streaks, fairly coarsegrain. Whole surface flakedand battered. H. , W. , Th. 24 m. The level positionof the hips and the fact that the left leg was slightly advanced show that the statue was in the kourosscheme. The straight up and down line of the hips at the side suggests that the kouros belongedto the latest group,and the modellingof the buttockswith a broaddepressionat the side supports this.

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