Applications of Automatic Control Concepts to Traffic Flow by M. Papageorgiou

By M. Papageorgiou

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3. W e l l - k n o w n c o u l d be i n t e r p r e t e d The m o s t output variables reason, inaccurate use m e a s u r e d As an e x a m p l e , are n o t and detector For this as w a s d i s c u s s e d a can be s p e c i f i e d . we can use a p a r t o f t h e m as i n p u t v a r i a b l e s , parison purposes. 3, the from detec- implications are u n k n o w n c o u l d l e a d to a t o t a l l y like o b s e r v e r s in o r d e r set can be c l e a r e d some k i n d of c o m p a r i s o n results struction ques like the one of s e c t i o n estimation, Initial ding w i t h o u t model procedure available measurment w i t h o n e i n p u t and t h r e e 44 been w i d e l y used by v a r i o u s r e s e a r c h e r s /44; In the next two sections we w i l l describe w a y s of e s t i m a t i n g traffic variables.

1 (---) and model with individually adapted parameters { .... It is believed, ) that the specified parameter set is rather sen- sitive with respect to significant modifications of the sec- tion's geometry. This means that the results are not applicable to sections with unusual strong curves, uphill segments etc. Individual parameter estimation should be performed in such cases. Results have been also obtained concerning sensitivity with respect to parameter changes . influence of sampling time and segment length • possible simplifications of the model structure.

1 - State reconstruction with four input variables. 43 In an o f f - l i n e priori tor e r r o r s and besides, In an o n - l i n e fullfill~d. surements are m o r e an i n i t i a l condition however, conditions or less above inaccurate. 2 m a y result. process the m e t h o d Because ments u s e d as w i ~ be shown both of the s t o c h a s t i c and t r a f f i c dynamics, qo~ II Figure effects shown to fit for comin figure of i n p u t set d e p e n d s resp. upon section. 2 - S t a t e r e c o n s t r u c t i o n output variables.

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