Anglo–American Microelectronics Data 1968–69. Manufacturers by G. W. A. Dummer, J. Mackenzie Robertson

By G. W. A. Dummer, J. Mackenzie Robertson

Anglo-American Microelectronics facts 1968-69, quantity One brands A-P covers semiconductor built-in circuits, thick and skinny movie applied sciences, and buildings open air the semiconductor built-in circuit sector which come in the microelectronics variety. The publication discusses A.B. steel items thick movie microcircuits; AMELCO sequence 16-701/46-701 tentative transistor-transistor good judgment; and American Micro-Systems B002e low-power good judgment binary. The ebook additionally describes Bunker-Ramo hybrid thin-film thoughts; Centralab thick movie built-in circuits; and CTS Cermet microelectronics. Elliott-automation; Erie R-C and hybrid built-in circuits; and Ether engineering sequence 2020 operational amplifiers also are thought of. different subject matters contain reasonable baby resistor-transistor micrologic; Hawker Siddeley micropacks; and Plessey SL20 sequence amplifiers. Designers, dealers, and clients of microelectronic units will locate the textual content necessary.

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A Bode plot (gain v s . frequency c h a r a c t e r i s t i c ) for a typical operational amplifier is shown in Figure 1. 0 FREQUENCY Figure 1 F o u r of the m o s t important points concerning a Bode plot a r e : open-loop gain, unity gain c r o s s o v e r frequency fr, loop gain, and roll off. Each of these points will be d i s c u s s e d in detail. Open-Loop Voltage Gain The open-loop voltage gain (A) i s the m a x i m u m available voltage gain of the amplifier. The 805 s e r i e s amplifiers have typical dc open-loop gains of 60,000.

V c c = ±15V) 20 24 Vp-P 80 mW Power Dissipation Frequency Response IK Input Resistance FREQUENCY (Hz) Frequency Response 10K Input Resistance FREQUENCY (Hz) 809C OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIER AMELCO (Contd) INTEGRATED CIRCUITS Frequency Response IOK Input Resistance Frequency Response IK Input Resistance ^ mM SOOpf NOTE: CLOSED-LOOP GAINS, 4 0 dB OR GREATER. NO COMPENSATIO N REQUIRED (RESPONSE NOT SHOWN) 5K 3* *C 3 40 R, « I M Tir R f « IOOK R f » I OK IOK FREQUENCY IOOK IOK (Hz) IOOK F R E Q U E N CY (Hz) Frequency Response Voltage Follower Frequency Response IOOK Input Resistance I I im UH 1 1 1 Milli * — E» — 40 ^ ψ OOpf φ J_ 1 2° z 3 o -20 IOK IOOK FREQUENCY (Hz) EQU T 33pf JT 1 Ir li" IL III IOK IOOK FREQUENCY (Hz) Open Loop Gair1 VS Frequencyf Open Loop Gain vs Temperature 1 94 93 m •o Q.

34 AMELCO 809C OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIER INTEGRATED CIRCUITS TENTATIVE DATA E Package (TO-5) The Ameico 809 Operational Amplifier is constructed on a single monolithic silicon substrate using planar epitaxial techniques. The unique simplicity of thisdesign results in a low cost, high performance amplifier. It is ideally suited for applications requiring high common mode range, high input impedance, and lowcurrent and voltage offsets and offset drifts. 0 uA Input Offset Current 50 Input Offset Voltage 1 Input Offset Current Drift iiA nA/°C ±13 V Common Mode Rejection Ratio -90 db Power Supply Rejection Ratio -90 db Common Mode Voltage Range ±10 Input Impedance 50K 200K ohms Output Swing (Rl = 5K ohms.

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