Alexander Zinoviev as Writer and Thinker: An Assessment by Michael Kirkwood, Philip Hanson

By Michael Kirkwood, Philip Hanson

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He would, on the other hand, be happy to accept the second OED definition and the first part of the 44 Michael Kirkwood 45 third. His own definition is the following: 'Ideology is a body of ideas which, by intention or result, forms in people a particular type of consciousness adequate for the conditions of their social milieu, a consciousness which approves of some forms of behaviour of people in a given society and condemns others. •K It is in Zinoviev's sense that we shall use the term 'ideology' in the rest of this chapter.

45 On the one hand he sees the proper task of literature, including his own writing, as being to inform. 'I do not write for entertainment. [... ] My aims do not extend beyond informing people about the nature of the future which threatens them. What conclusions readers draw from my books are their private affair. ' 46 On the other hand he has larger ambitions to alter the way people think about societies in general, and about Soviet society in particular. The problem of the Soviet way of life, he tells us, is a sociological problem.

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