Aïkido. Une tradition, un art, un sport French by M. Hamon

By M. Hamon

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The term “data” implies a collection of discrete elements, such as a file. Data are rarely clean and may have different formats. Some data are from multiple competing sources. Some data have missing and incomplete fields. In addition, data formats and contents may change over time. When data are cleaned, structured, merged, aggregated, derived, sorted, and displayed, they become “informa- Bioinformatics and Data Integration 39 Fig. 1. Data integration: the process from data to information. ” Usually a database system provides an area to collect, integrate, and store data to perform the actions to enrich and enhance the value of the data.

3. 1. WHEN TO USE Multiple sequence alignment is a very useful method for comparing two or more sequences. This method can be used to find the conserved regions among a set of sequences, to find the variances among the sequences, to track the sequence alteration, or to trace the evolutionary relationship. This method can also be used to check unique regions in a group of sequences and to determine if the designed hybridization probe is appropriate. 2. uk/ clustalw/). 3. INPUT AND OUTPUT Users can paste or upload a set of sequences in which they are interested; for example, to compare the following sequences and see how they are possibly related to each other in a phylogenetic tree.

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