A Concise History of Science in India by D. M. Bose, S.N. Sen, B. V. Subbarayappa

By D. M. Bose, S.N. Sen, B. V. Subbarayappa

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The historicity of Kapila mentioned as the founder of the doctrine or of his follower Asuri has not been proved. We are also on uncertain ground regarding Pancasikha, another early exponent of the system. D. according to Renou and Filliozat and c. D. e The Kiirikii was commented upon by Gau~apada (c. ) in his Gau{iapiidabhii~ya also known as Sii'l'lkhyaktirikiibha~ya. , versatile Vacaspatimisra produced a new commentary on the Kiirika, the Sii'flkhyatattvakaumudi, which is probably the best work we now have on the subject.

B The speculations of logic possibly developed partly in the medical schools. The Mimiifl1sii To start with the Mimli1Jlsli (investigation), the term appears in all the Vedic literature since the Yajur- and the Atharva-veda. The word is used in the Dharmasiistra, PiiQini knows it and Pataiijali in his Mahabha~ya speaks of the Mlmarpsakas. Katyayana's Viirttika on certain points agrees with the phraseology of the MimlifJ1siisutra. The original sufras are attributed to Jaimini about whose personality nothing authoritative is known and who in all probability was a mythical personage like the founders of other darsanas.

Written in 4,000 short sutras, the work deals with technical terms, nouns in composition and case relations, rules for adding suffixes to the roots and so on, always from the point of view of the language and using it correctly in composition. II Keith (3), p. 443. c Renou and Filliozat, pp. 86-91; Keith (3), pp. 426-28. b Choudhury, pp. 52-60. (J Keith (2), Preface, elxxi, xlv, clxxii. 26 A CONCISE HISTORY OP SCIENCE IN INDIA Katyayana (C. ini is often criticized for inaccuracies. Pataiijali's MohlibhlJ$ya (c.

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