A Book on C by R. E. Berry, B. A. E. Meekings, M. D. Soren (auth.)

By R. E. Berry, B. A. E. Meekings, M. D. Soren (auth.)

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To be useful, we must be provided with the facility to choose different courses of action under different circumstances. There are two distinct ways that this may be done in C. We can use either the conditional statement or the switch statement. 2 to test that a file has been opened satisfactorily. If the conditional statement currently under discussion is included, the kind of statements used so far in the text include an assignment statement, a function call, a conditional statement, a return statement, and a compound statement.

The general form of scan[ is scanf(control_string [, argument_list]) Within the control string blanks, tabs or newlines (collectively known as 'white space') are ignored. If any characters, apart from those needed in the conversion specifiers, appear in the control string, it is assumed that they are to match the next non-white-space character of the input stream. In particular, if any such characters appear as the first items in the control string then scan[, whenever it is called, will expect to find just these characters as the next to be read from the input stream.

Later examples will not be restricted in this way. A further example of a function with parameters is one that enables us to move the cursor on the VDU screen to any position. For the ADMS this function definition might appear as I* to move the cursor to row' , pas *I cursorlrow, posl int row, pas ; int us= 31; I* initialise for ADMS *I printf("\033=%c%c", us+row, us+pos); The call cursor(1, 1); would move the cursor to the 'home' position, while the call cursorl12, 40); would move the cursor to the middle of the screen.

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